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a broad focus on the world around us

For ilionx, corporate social responsibility means that we care about people, society and the environment.

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For IT with impact

In addition to being a knowledge partner, we are also a partner in society, contributing to a better Netherlands through our role in IT. By looking beyond economic interests and striving to achieve a positive impact in society. Examples include using IT to facilitate energy efficiency and choosing renewable energy sources. On the people side, we are actively working to promote diversity and are dedicated to supporting people who have disadvantages on the labour market.

5 CSR themes

We are certified on the CSR Performance Ladder, an objective standard that lets us prove that our CSR management system works. The themes of the CSR Performance Ladder are based on the Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to ensure sustainable development around the world. ilionx has chosen five themes of the CSR Performance Ladder to focus on. These are areas in which we want to make a difference: health & safety, diversity & opportunities, delivering positive contributions to the local economy and community, emissions, wastewater & waste products, and customer privacy.


We are stronger together. That means we want to make a positive contribution to our society, both locally and nationally. Nationally, by being focused on the cornerstones of people, planet and profit. And locally from our branch locations throughout the Netherlands. We are close to our employees, our customers and the local community. Literally. That’s where we want to make an impact.

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