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cloud applications

How do I ensure scalable, stable solutions that work easily and respond to changing needs?

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cloud applicaties | cloud applications

Cloud migration, app modernisation and cloud-native applications.

The cloud has become an intrinsic part of our IT landscape. When you opt for the cloud, you are choosing flexibility, scalability and innovation. The most relevant techniques take centre stage, quickly elevating your processes and information access to a higher level. This results in a well-informed, dynamic organisation. But how do you make most of the cloud? There are so many possibilities out there that it can be difficult to identify the best course of action. As an IT and consultancy partner, we are happy to help you transition to the cloud, design a smart structure for your cloud environment, and (re)develop applications.

The cloud design you need for organisational success

The cloud is not an end in itself. The cloud offers better support for your business goals. As a strategic consultancy partner, we brainstorm with you to find the right alignment with the preferences of the business. How do data and technology contribute to organisational success? We also offer insight into the impact of cloud applications. A pay-per-use payment model makes them faster and easier to implement, discontinue or swap out. But that easy access is not without its risks. Applications may proliferate faster than your structure anticipates. To manage that risk, we help you maintain organisational and technical manageability. Would you prefer to (re)develop applications or opt for custom designs? Our experts advise and assist you in building apps that are tailored to your needs. We set up low-threshold proofs of concept so you can quickly figure out what you want. This approach allows you to excel in customisation and make the best use of what the cloud has to offer.

A successful transition for the end user

Transitioning to or deploying a cloud application landscape is often considered a major challenge. After all, it is still a technical and organisational transition. Our timeline therefore includes not only cloud design, architecture, data governance and development of cloud-native applications, but also reserves time for the accompanying cultural change. We guide and direct the changes in your corporate culture to help your employees think and work differently. Our regional focus means we are close at hand and can support you on the ground as needed to make the most of the cloud. Do you need management after deployment? Don’t worry: we can structure the cloud landscape to make it easy for us to handle your managed services.

cloud applicaties | cloud applications

Do you need help with cloud migration and optimization of systems and applications?

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