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we are experts in simplicity

translating our knowledge and experience into solutions that people enjoy using

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You bring in an IT knowledge or implementation partner because you need to supplement your own expertise or because you simply want to move forward. We get that.

We have the knowledge you need to get the best out of IT. Our expertise ranges from architecture, application development and security and data, to organisational processes and change processes. We work in multidisciplinary teams, combining our areas of expertise to address your specific challenge or question and connecting them seamlessly. This approach allows us to achieve simplicity in every aspect, so your people can enjoy their work. Would you like to know more about our services? (Note: this link goes to our Dutch website.)

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Our core values

Our core values guide our daily behaviour and define how we engage with each other and with our customers. We summarise these values in three verbs. Taken together, these core values form the basis for fulfilling our brand promise: experts in simplicity.

Clarifying is the foundation of our brand promise. Simplifying complexity starts with clarifying the concepts. And that means digging deeper to understand the complexity.

We are always looking for the question behind the question. It starts with listening closely, asking questions and following up, based on an open, curious and inquisitive attitude. Within our own organisation and beyond, in how we engage with our customers and partners.

Only when we have clarified the essence of the matter, can we interpret and simplify complex issues – explained in clear language and applied in concrete solutions to help people enjoy their work.

Connecting starts with paying attention to each other and creating a pleasant working environment where you can be yourself. Our working environment needs to foster personal and professional growth, building loyalty so that people are excited to commit to ilionx for the long term.

Connecting is also about sharing knowledge and experience – by coming together as colleagues and exchanging knowledge, within ilionx and beyond, and among our customers. We invest in long-term relationships. Part of that is proactively giving suggestions and offering a critical note as needed.

To make real connections, you first have to truly understand in the other party – with sincere attention and a willingness to share: experience, knowledge, success and pleasure. This is how we create collaborative growth.

Innovating is about developing, renewing, changing and growing. It takes courage: to take action and to break free of predefined frameworks. To step out of your comfort zone.

You cannot innovate without making mistakes. But by learning from mistakes, we encourage each other to keep growing. As experts, we constantly invest in knowledge and development. We use that knowledge to inspire others.

Our customers can count on us to include them in relevant new developments and move them forward. We offer support, but we also challenge them to make long-term decisions.

ilionx | wie wij zijn

bringing simplicity to a complex world

These six words summarise why we exist and what we want to contribute. This mission statement is the foundation of everything we do and the concept that gives significance to our daily work. A simple sentence containing a beautiful mission – to inspire us and inform how we engage with our customers and partners.

Do you want your organisation to move forward?

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