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we are experts in simplicity

translating our knowledge and experience into solutions that people enjoy using

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experts in simplicity

Creating simplicity in a complex world. We have all the expertise to make it happen: to get the best out of IT, to move companies and organisations forward, and to let people enjoy their work. We innovate, clarify and connect to deliver on this promise. Would you like to know more about our mission and vision?

who we are
ilionx | partners

the power of partnership

ilionx is a firm believer in the power of partnership. That is why we enter into long-term relationships with companies that are authorities in their own fields. Knowledge, skill and experience are pooled in comprehensive solutions that are powerful enough to meet your needs.

our partners
ilionx | MVO

a broader focus on the world around us

Here at ilionx, we see corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a fundamental principle. We not only work to achieve business success (profit), but also take into account how our activities impact the environment (planet) and maintain a broader focus on employees and others outside our own organisation (people).


Do you want your organisation to move forward?

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