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Partnership Betty Blocks

Low-code App development for rapid and structured business innovation. 

We help organizations become more innovative by improving and accelerating their approach to business-led software development.

Betty Blocks, what is it?

Betty Blocks is a low-code application development platform that empowers business users to build applications through visual modeling, making software development accessible to a broader audience without the need for coding expertise.

Why business-led software development:

  • The business is frustrated because problems are not being solved (fast enough), leading to declining competitive power and increasing costs;
  • Organizations want to be innovative but don’t have the right resources available to successfully deliver innovative solutions. This leads to strategic business goals not being met;
  • Due to the lack of IT support for business needs, business users are adopting and creating (cloud-based) IT solutions at an exponential rate. This leads to security breaches and inefficient technology use;
  • Poor performing and inflexible (legacy) systems are increasingly leading to slower innovation and poor fit with new processes and requirements, resulting in the business not being able to keep up with modern market demands;
  • Excel sheets, off-the-shelf solutions, and restrictive no-code tooling can’t be customized. This results in solutions that don’t solve the root problem, can’t scale, and ultimately need to be rebuilt;
  • Innovation is not delivering enough concrete value to meet organizational strategic goals. This leads to a slowdown in progress and a struggle to stay competitive in the market. Innovation focused solely on trends rather than tangible impact results in ‘innovation theater,’ leading to a lack of substantial outcomes.

What we offer together with Betty Blocks:

  • Low-code for business-led IT

    Business developers build with no-code templates and components. Low-code developers support them with custom components.

  • Governance

    Ensure data security and governance with role-based access and controls, sandboxes and version, controls, and platform monitoring and analytics.

  • Innovation tools

    Increase innovation success from idea to adoption with tools such as the Ideation Portal and App Gallery.

  • Professional services

    Support for building and process optimization for the entire innovation lifecycle

Why we recommend using Betty Blocks as the go to low-code app development platform: 

  • It’s the only low-code platform fully focused on business-led IT and enabling the citizen developer and business technologist
  • It offers an all-in-one development environment that integrates with any system
  • It offers a no-code development experience for business users, supported with low-code customization capabilities.

Do you wanna know more about our partnership with Betty Blocks?

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