Business Intelligence

Organising and presenting management information

ilionx Business Intelligence assists your organisation in organising and presenting management information so you can make the right decisions and keep the organisation on track. The BI solutions from ilionx provide insight into your figures and connect seamlessly with your strategy and management model. ilionx believes that a good management information system should comprise a compact management dashboard with result-orientated reporting and analysis paths. Our BI solutions are simple to integrate into existing portals. Apart from dashboards and reports, ilionx implements powerful and flexible analysis solutions which allow the user to quickly create analyses and ad hoc reports on important source systems. ilionx BI always develops its BI solutions in collaboration with the client.

Consultancy, creation, management, training and migration

ilionx BI can advise you on technology-independent BI solutions. The consulting process involves determining the functional requirements of your organisation and assessing how this information can be used to create a future-proof BI solution. ilionx can also advise on how to improve the performance of existing BI systems. ilionx can create BI solutions to help your organisation establish a result-orientated operation. The results are action-orientated management dashboards, analysis functionality and results-orientated reporting utilising a data warehouse (operational) or directly using an operational business system. Upon the successful conclusion of a project, ilionx BI can offer support and management for the provided solution. ilionx BI can also teach you to (better) use your BI tool. This may involve the provision of customised end-user courses, data warehouse construction courses, reporting courses and management courses. ilionx can also arrange the migration of BI solutions to a more recent version or to an alternative line of technology.

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